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Martha Covell (ECA’s Director of Planning and Regeneration) was the Guest Speaker at Poole Old Town Conservation Group AGM in May 2011, with a presentation on ‘Planning for Localism: an introduction’.

Here at ECA, we routinely advise clients on all aspects of Planning Law, but dissecting the emerging Neighbourhood Planning Regime into bite size chunks was a challenge. It was a stark reminder of the continued complexities of the British planning system.

Big questions for local community groups throughout the UK today are:
• whether there will be the expertise or resources to fulfill their ‘right to plan’
• how long will neighbourhood plans take to prepare
• will the plans be the powerful tools that they promise to be
• how will landowners and applicants input into neighbourhood plans
• will the Localism Bill actually gain Royal Assent in November 2011

So even though Neighbourhood Plans may be just another version of Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG for those that know their acronyms) ECA are looking forward to the proactive role that communities will have in planning their environment.

Power Point Presentation

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