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Our certified Passivhaus project has been a hive of activity in the last few months since our last blog update!


The timber frame only took a matter of days to erect, even with the wintery weather at the time. This meant that very quickly the form and spaces of the house took shape, and the contractor could focus on weather-proofing the frame to allow internal work to process quickly.

The green finish to the timber frame is a Smartply ‘PROPASSIV’ product- a specially treated OSB board which provides excellent air tightness performance without the need for more delicate membranes, the joints between the board were taped with a passiv tape, providing a continuous air-tight surface.  As you can see, the timber frame arriced with all openings formed for the doors, windows and roof lights.

A visit to the roof gave a great opportunity to survey progress down on the collection of stables and outbuildings to support the rural house.

The pronounced gables of the house quickly took shape, still to be clad in (lots!) of insulation, some beautiful locally sourced Purbeck stone and some blackened larch:

The priority on the outside was to  get the house properly weathertight, the first job being the roof. First job was insulation, even though the timber frame has 200mm of insulation within it, an extra 50mm was put on top of the roof, which was then battened and membraned ready for the natural slate.


Next up, work on the interior and wider site!

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