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We are pleased to report that Hilltop has taken a big- visible- step forward with the arrival of the timber frame! This provides speedy on site construction, avoiding the worst of the weather at this time of year, while achieving great tolerances and finish.



The green internal boarding is Medite Smartply ‘Propassiv’ OSB, which provides in integral vapour and airbarrier- meaning minimal air passes through the surface of the board, providing the excellent draftproofing standards required in a certified passivhaus.

The wall panels are 200mm thick – constructed out of  ‘Finnjoist’ Timber I beams- minimising the thermal bridge (connection between internal and external surfaces) while being a very strong and efficient use of material.  These panels will then be fully filled with blown ‘Warmcel’ insulation – a very sustainable cellulose insulation made from recycled newspaper.  Providing great thermal performance, which will then be further improved with another 140mm of insulation externally, and 50mm on the inside!

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