We are delighted to be designing another Passivhaus. This one is located near Fareham in Surrey.


It is located in a sensitive position on the edge of a settlement and near the green belt. The site lies on a steep topography with a stream running down its western edge.

We have sort to minimise the impact of the house by setting it into the hill side. From the road it will be barely visible. All that will be seen is a low dry stone wall. The wall will also serve a  drainage channel for the roof. The roof will be a planted sedum roof thus encouraging the landscape to appear to spread from the field over the house.

The house itself cantilevers out over the stream providing views of the countryside. It is a simple modest plan form that allows for open plan living areas  that look out onto a sunken terrace and water features. The master bedroom appears to float above the stream with a private view of the field beyond.

The scheme has been submitted for pre-application advice with the local authority.. watch this space.






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