Top Real Estates appointed ECA in 2010 to promote a growing portfolio of sites in the South West of England. ECA have a number of roles as the lead consultant, including:
• Planning Consultancy
• Masterplanning
• Project Management
• Public Consultation

Work to date has included:
• Preparation of extended Planning Appraisals on each of their sites: these are significant pieces of work which identify three realistic development options, with varying degrees of risk, as well as an informed assessment of future timescales and budgets.
• Development Plan Monitoring: this includes regular ongoing development plan monitoring by the planning team (submissions to Core Strategies, EiP, SHLAA and Green Belt Reviews etc)

• Preparation of pre-application submission and planning applications where we have succesfully gained reallocation

• Appointment and management of other consultants: we have a number of associates who we appoint on behalf of the client. These include ecologists, arborists, topographical surveyors, transport engineers and hydrologists

• Masterplanning: the architecture team has prepared a number of outline and detailed masterplans, sufficiently detailed for outline planning submissions. There is an emphasis on consulting the client and consultant’s team at all stages in the design process.

• Public Consultation: the planning team has consulted key stakeholders from an early stage in the process. The emphasis is on one-to-one meetings, as appropriate, so that relationships can be developed. We meet/email/phone the parish councils, planning officers and adjoining landowners on a regular basis.