5 Higher Blandford Rd

ECA are very please to announce the planning consent for 2 new homes


ECA as so very pleased with the grant of permission for these two contemporary family homes.

The proposed development is positioned to the rear of the existing property fronting Higher Blandford Rd which has an extensive rear garden. The brief was to sever the plot creating a more manageable garden the the existing property and propose two 2bed family homes in the remaining land as back land development. These new properties are to be accessed via a new side road parallel to the western boundary.

With the area displaying sylvan like characteristics and well-establish hedgerow to boundary's. ECA worked hard along side an ecology and arboricultural consultant to maintain this character and, minimise impact upon natural habitats and, mature trees within the site. Care was taken for the positioning of the new dwellings to be outside roof protection zones and away from habitats.

The landscaping of this proposal due to the abundance of ecology and sylvan character of the area was just as important to the scheme as was the design of the buildings. The proposal therefore sought to improve the opportunity for new planting areas and propose new trees within the landscape design.

The dwellings were designed to appear small in their proportions with modest eave and roof ridge heights to avoid a cramped development and or, become overbearing on the neighbouring properties. This methodology resulted in creating two modern dwellings that uphold traditional architectures with prominent front gables and large windows that are sympathetic to their context. The building form is essentially derived from two traditional pitched roofs married together to form a slipped building footprint. This creates a set back from the more prominent gable at the front and reduces the bulk of the buildings.

To avoid the appearance of imitation the dwellings, although identical, switch materials to provide more diversity to the designs. The proposal provide for a generous open plan living arrangement on the ground floor with two bedroom on the first floor.

We are so pleased this application has been granted planning permission and look forwards to seeing this built.