93 Commercial Rd

Planning Application Validated!


We are pleased to announce that our planning application for 93 Commercial Rd has now been validated and is under consideration for planning permission. With this application being one of the first applications ECA submitted within lockdown, the validation process has understandably taken some time due to BCP adjusting to the new ways of working from home. However, we are very pleased that this application is now live and the planning process can now begin.

The site fronts the Ashley Cross High Street and is situated within the Ashley Cross Conservation Area. The design needed to be sympathetic and sit in harmony with its surrounding context. ECA were appointed to first undertake a planning appraisal to determine whether the site had potential for development. Development here was considered sustainable with the site being so close to main transport links, local shops and businesses.

The proposal creates a rear extension for 3 additional flats and a side extension, filling in the gap to the street scene, for a two storey commercial unit. The proposal's mass, bulk and scale has been designed with sensitivity to not only appear as a continuation of the existing building but, to reduces down in scale where the footprint nears neighbouring properties. This sensitively to mass, bulk and scale is also visually noted in the pallet of material used for the design. The use of blue/black brick tones to the building masses that reduce in scale towards the rear and side, appear as subordinate building elements. Where this change of material helps to mitigate against increased bulk and mass that using the same brick tone as the existing property would have otherwise increased.

The side extension fronting the street scene has been designed with sensitivity to the characteristics of the local area. The proposal includes the same Georgian window proportions and, maintains the large glazed openings on the ground floor not only continuing the characteristics of the area but also, continuing the local area's shop front discourse. The side extension fills in the gap to the street scene whilst still maintaining important views through to the rear.

We are very pleased that this application is now live and in for consideration. We love the design and our sensitive approach towards reducing bulk and maintaining the characteristics of this conservation area. We hope BCP agree and grant permission.