Fernheath Community Sports Association

Out with the old and in with the new and improved.


ECA Architects have designed a new replacement pavilion building for Fernheath playing fields.

The proposed new purpose built, sustainable facility will replace the existing building and provide:

– new changing facilities

– cafe / meeting space

– storage

The proposals will provide increased parking and cycle parking at the site, and improve play and seating facilities for the playing fields including new benches.

Fernheath playing fields are an asset of community value and are an important recreational resource for the local West Howe community and all the football teams who use the facilities each weekend. Funding from a combination of Bournemouth 2026 and the Football Foundation is being used to invest in the new facilities to enable Fernheath Community Sports Association to continue to run the facilities at the site.

ECA CIC and ECA Architects worked alongside Fernheath Community Sports Association to gather feedback on the proposals from the local community, which has been overwhelmingly supportive. A presentation of the plans has been put on display in the existing pavilion.