Canford Cliffs Road




Canford Cliffs Road

We were thrilled to hear our clients and a number of the neighbours describe our designs for their house on Canford Cliffs Road as ‘stunning’.

The proposals involve the remodelling of a traditionally designed dwelling into a contemporary family home with a new pool house for the family’s use to the rear. The design approach is contemporary but seeks to incorporate reference to traditional design forms which include a pitched roof and oriel window.

The existing dwelling is located within a prominent section of the street scene and whilst there is real opportunity to create a more contemporary looking building, this needs to be balanced against respecting the scale and traditional appearance of the dwellings immediately adjoining the site. The resulting building has been carefully designed to visually refer to the stepping of the facades seen in views looking up the hill towards the site.

At a detailed level the openings and sections of the building have been conceived as a series of planes. This helps horizontally modulate the facade in line with the character of the neighbouring buildings. It breaks up the frontage as well as creating a character window to the north east corner.

We were pleased to meet with planning officers from Borough of Poole on site as part of the pre-application enquiry and have reviewed the designs upon that advice. We have prepared a Planning, Design, Heritage and Access statement due to the proximity of the site to the Branksome Park Conservation Area and have submitted a planning application to the Borough of Poole which is due for determination in July.

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