Edridge Tower


Corydon, London


Edridge Tower

Over the last 10 years, we have developed a concept to complement and enhance Croydon.

·      Its unique needle-like form makes it seem impossibly slender, in order to appear delicate on the skyline.

·      The tower is designed to appear split (north/South) along its centre. This makes the building feel taller than thinner thus reducing the apparent bulk of the building

·      “TectonicEyelids” capture the light and direct occupant views towards the street, away from buildings

·      OverallBrick Cladding/ Fenestration system with glazing and solid panels behind

·      The façade has interest through modulation on a floor-to-floor basis. AngledCanopies reference Croydon’s heritage, Juliet balconies and winter gardens give inverse articulation, a ‘folded plate’ elevation add to articulation.

·      A charming ‘lightbox’ terminates the facade at the skyline while a colonnade terminates the façade at street level, giving it depth and allowing light and porosity into the ground floor spaces.

·      Green spaces integrated throughout including a roof terrace with fantastic views overthe city, a play area on the 11th floor and shared play garden on the ground floor

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