The scheme, a 891 sqm plan with 8 residences is located in central Southampton. It is located in a back-land position overlooking a listed church.

We overcame several challenges, creating a design that is well-integrated into the surrounding 19th century context while providing visual interest. We worked with the community to create a design complementing their demands, including stepping down the scale from North to South of the site to and setting back the buildings from the church to provide a larger visual buffer.

Ultimately, Riley's will be a civic group of buildings, blending with the surrounding area. It will hold the street corner with a strong visual presence. The folded roof will affect the scale of the architecture and create a residential motif, engendering a sense of home.

The architecture will offer a generous open plan layout inside the ground floor of each house. Outside, visitors and residents are led to an intimate and delightful community courtyard as well as private gardens

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